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Prices 2018/19

Although it is not usual in the educational sector and is not usually seen in any school website, whether public or privat, we believe that we must show our prices on the web for two reasons:

  • Because we think that, to decide if you want to make a visit, you should have as much information as possible.
  • Because we try to have rates for all families, and taking into account our low ratio of children per educator, someone might think that our prices are much higher than they are.

Enrollment fees:

The enrollment fees are 150€ and includes the school bag, diary, school insurance, course material and children's robe.

Until 12 months old:

From 9h a 17h: 295€/month.

From 12 months old:

    • 9h to 17h

    • 350€/month

      • Comida
      • Merienda
    • 9h to 15h

    • 325€/month

      • Comida
    • 9h to 12h and 15h to 17h

    • 280€/month

      • Merienda
    • 9h to 12h

    • 250€/month


Extra time (enrolled families)

    • 1h

    • 5€

    • 8h-9h or 17h-18h

    • 40€/month

    • 8h-9h and 17h-18h

    • 60€/month

Bonus (expires after 4 months):

    • 20h

    • 140€

    • 40h

    • 220€

Confirm during your visit to the center that the rate has not changed. Surely it will not have changed, because we try to have it updated always, but it can happen to us :).

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